Implementasi TIK pada Pembelajaran Bahasa Indonesia untuk Meningkatkan Eksistensi Bahasa Indonesia di Era Globalisasi

Moncot F. Nasution


The purpose of this paper is to review the theoretical implementation of information technology and computer on learning Indonesian in order to increase the existence of Indonesian language in the era of globalization. The current global era has its own challenges in the development of Bahasa Indonesia. One way to improve the existence of Bahasa Indonesia is by improving the understanding and utilization of Indonesian language to the young generation. Indonesian Teachers are at the forefront of meeting these challenges. For that teachers should be able to apply various methods and media based on ITC in learning Indonesian, in order to improve the quality of learning Indonesian. This effort is expected to increase the participation of teachers in improving the learning process and able to impact the ability of students in using Bahasa Indonesia more broadly.

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